Lucid Dream

I had a lucid dream yesterday night, which have made a imprint on my life & the way i see the life.According to that & with the help of a script on the internet, I am able to share my dreams with you all in this way.
1 year ago,my parents saw me every day.But now things have really changed.
Now, my parents are 50 years old.
I think if they could live for 100 years, then there is 50 years left.I go home to see them once six months.So, in my life, now we will be getting a chance to see them only 100 times.
I want to remind you about some things which probably you know but may have forgotten or not able to get time to think over this.
Their savings give you graduation.To keep you rich, they would have not even purchased clothes for themselves.To make you lead a luxurious life, they would have not even take care of their health. They are the one who sheds their personal interests for your prosperous life.
So love them as much as you can. Give gifts to them every month. Show your love to them in your best possible way. They are precious. Salute your parents for their sacrifices. This is my original thought, not a forwarded message.
Transcend your vision & your thoughts.


Life has changed a lot

I came to look an article on web , it was really heart touching for me and people like me , who have just completed their colleges , and now struggling in cubicle.

I’m here to share that article . It asks you few questions for which I was left with my mouth shut ,

Here I’m sitting in my office , thinking hard about life.

How it changed from maverick college life to strict professional life?

How tiny pocket-money changed to huge monthly paychecks , but why it gives less happiness ?

How a few local denim jeans changed to new branded wardrobe , but then why there are fewer people to use them?

How a single plate Samosa changed to full pizza or burger , but then why there is less hunger?

How a bike always in reserve changed to bike always on , but then there are fewer places to go on?

How a small coffee shop changed to a cafe coffee day , but then why it feels like shop is far away?

How a general class journey changed to Flight journey , but then why there are less vacations for enjoyment ?

How an old assembled desktop changed to a new branded laptop , but then why there is less time to put it on?

Here I’m sitting in my office , thinking hard about life. How it got changed ? How it got changed?

After reading this article , I couldn’t resist myself to search for a crying shoulder . But I realized now I don’t have even those also .

I really felt that how my life really got changed?

Top ten predictions for 2012

I wanted to start writing a blog from the past few months. But I couldn’t due to my laziness. But soon, I got exhausted from my giving up habit. So, I made a resolution for this new year, to start this.

My predictions for the year 2012 are more over of technology related.

1.Starting from social media , Facebook set to reach 1 billion users by 2012.

“According to the statistics, nearly 700 million people are using the social network site Facebook worldwide now. This will surely end up beyond 1 billion by the end of this year. According to statistics site Social Bakers, the fastest growth is coming out of Brazil, with Facebook picking up another 1.9 million users in May.

Or you can think in the other way, Social media powerhouses like Facebook & Twitter will grow more in user engagement by implementing new features to keep users on the site longer.

Pinboard site Pinterest will be a huge player in the space as it continues to organically grow its large , yet niche audience .

Photo sharing sites like Instagram , Lightbox , Path , and much more will also try to get more and more users.

Not forgetting about the Google + , as it continues to add more features and become more business-friendly , it will be a contender for the best social network. I really like the way its attracting more and more users. Bloggers , photographers , and much more type of different variant persons will found more interesting and effective way of connecting to the world.

Also , Microsoft will launch its own social networking site worldwide with different way of interacting with social media , namely , combining social media and researchers .

2. Coming to Smart phones

Smart phones will start to see quad core processors along with higher resolution displays , and more smart phones will start to see NFC chips. Mobile payments will start to become recognizable.

After smart phones , there will be a blast of so called ‘Super Phones’.An entirely new category , a computer first and a phone second.

With the launch of Microsoft’s mobile operating system , it will start direct attack on android.As you all know , Android operating system’s quality and performance depends on the hardware , more the powerful , faster it will be. Low hardware mobiles will suffer hang and crashes many times , due to it’s dependencies on the hardware.Also , if I buys an android mobile , I won’t be assured of getting an update with it’s latest operating system.Long back I purchased android having froyo , just two months before the gingerbread official release date. I was stuck to an old operating system for more than two quarters , before getting an update to Gingerbread . As soon as I updated it, Google launched a new version of operating system , ‘ Icecream sandwitch ‘ .I was annoyed by letting know that I won’t get an update at least for three quarters , or never.

Microsoft’s operating system can target this , by launching an operating system without hardware dependencies and by letting update to the latest version for all the users. They’d already published that they will be coming with Microsoft Windows Tango and Apollo , later this year. With the help of Nokia , it can reach to more users , as they still trust the brand.

I’ll not be surprised if RIM may get acquired before the end of 2012.Also , I wouldn’t be surprised to see Windows Phone being in, or at least close to, the #3 position in terms of smart phone handset sales by this time next year.

3. Artificial Intelligence : I think voice recognition is going to be big trend in 2012.

Microsoft’s Ask Ziggy and Apple’s Siri are at war. Ziggy functions similarly to Siri at following basic voice commands. You can ask Ziggy to phone a contact or dial a specific number, and email or text someone with a certain message. You can ask Ziggy to provide directions, find local businesses, tell you the weather, perform calculations and handle a variety of other tasks.

In performing calculations, Ziggy announced the actual result, while Siri displayed the result from a Wolfram Alpha search. Ziggy does offer at least one option missing in Siri. You can change Ziggy’s voice to male or female.

Also trying to play catch-up with Apple, Google is reportedly working on its own voice assistant for Android phones.

Also , coming to the games , motion gaming is sort of the ire of all hardcore gamers but in 2012 game companies will continue to push the limits of their gesture-based peripherals. Sales of the Kinect and PS3 move may not be as stratospherically high as the Nintendo Wii once was.

With the involvement NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 hardware , a chip which is “less than the size of a dime and can leap tall buildings”, Mobile gaming is also to boost.

4.Flash drives for all by 2012

Researchers concluded that solid-state Flash storage (SSD) drives will finally break into the mainstream next year. You can buy Flash drives for your laptops right now, but they’re still more expensive that their old-tech, moving-parts hard disk counterparts. But not for much longer.

5.Petaflop Supercomputer by 2012

“IBM will attempt to break its own record in petaflop/s by 2012, when it has promised to deliver a new supercomputer that will work approximately 20 times faster than its Roadrunner system.

6.Internet Browser War :

The ascent of Google Chrome will continue and it is likely to become the most popular web browser worldwide in 2012. We could see a version of Chrome for mobile phones as well, but the going will keep getting tough for Mozilla, which could possibly enter into a search deal with Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine on Firefox.


This will be the first year most people become aware of what OLED HDTVs are, and will want one, especially after they’ve seen OLED’s sharp picture, super-flat screen and beautiful color saturation. However, it will be several years before OLED HDTVs in large sizes (over 55″) become affordable.

8.HTML5 will be big in 2012.

After the era of adobe in mobile computing , now it’s time for HTML5 to make a grand entrance in mobile world. It’s quite easy to make applications, known as apps, comparatively with other languages , like ‘Cut the ropes’.

9. Facebook IPO :

Rumors are flying about Facebook Inc. going public this year. So, just how much money is the world’s largest social network worth?Reports project that Facebook will go public some time between April and June. The company itself is preparing to raise $10 billion this year, according to reports, to push the company’s public value to $100 billion. More than Disney ($61 billion),Amazon($88.3 billion) and McDonald’s ($95.6 billion)

10. Samsung can be next Apple

Samsung is number one in TVs for the sixth year in a row, selling approximately two TVs a second in November. First, it means Google and Apple are in trouble.

Then consider Samsung’s lead in cellphone sales. While many would argue that Samsung specializes in meh and me-too, 60 million cellphones sold in 2011 can’t be a fluke. This isn’t about Android or iOS or Windows Phone – it’s about Samsung making and selling millions of phones to millions of people. Samsung is mercenary. They’re happy to use anyone’s OS as long as it puts phones into boxes and boxes into shopping bags.

So you have two superlatives: biggest phone manufacturer and biggest TV manufacturer. Add in some tablets, some washing machines, and some acceptable software and you have a real and vibrant ecosystem.