Lucid Dream

I had a lucid dream yesterday night, which have made a imprint on my life & the way i see the life.According to that & with the help of a script on the internet, I am able to share my dreams with you all in this way.
1 year ago,my parents saw me every day.But now things have really changed.
Now, my parents are 50 years old.
I think if they could live for 100 years, then there is 50 years left.I go home to see them once six months.So, in my life, now we will be getting a chance to see them only 100 times.
I want to remind you about some things which probably you know but may have forgotten or not able to get time to think over this.
Their savings give you graduation.To keep you rich, they would have not even purchased clothes for themselves.To make you lead a luxurious life, they would have not even take care of their health. They are the one who sheds their personal interests for your prosperous life.
So love them as much as you can. Give gifts to them every month. Show your love to them in your best possible way. They are precious. Salute your parents for their sacrifices. This is my original thought, not a forwarded message.
Transcend your vision & your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Lucid Dream

  1. Ani Rudh Khandal says:

    I have met many greats, I aspire of becoming one too. But none of them is worth living for because the greatest of them live in my heart, my parents.
    Critically the blog almost struck a chord, but somehow the whole point was not clear. Apart from the vision there were some observable mistakes. Hope you get rid of them soon. Good luck !!!

  2. kavya says:

    Good 1 Apurv . way to go… 🙂

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